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Useful Things to Know (in which I attach my own two cents)
I got this in an email from my mother.  Now I’m passing the ideas on to you.
What a sweet egg for somebody special <3
Hull your strawberries using a straw. 
Those are such a pain to get off sometimes.
Stop cut apples from browning by keeping them together with a clean rubber band.
Bake cupcakes into an ice cream cone.
  Around and about

Search for lost earrings and small treasures by placing a pair of your stockings over the vacuum cleaner tube. 

Amplify your tunes by placing your iPhone or iPod into a round bowl.
OP edit: You can also use a glass or make speakers out of disposable cups. Also, this video has a clever paper speaker.
Storage and organization
Use some wire to store wrapping paper on the closet ceiling. 
An eye catching, easy solution that allows you to take a quick visual inventory too.
Use magnetic strips on the back of your vanity door to keep track of things like bobby pins, tweezers and nail clippers.
Use bread tags to label computer cords!
I only use fitted sheets and love using this technique to keep them folded in a neat and tidy way.
My mother does this <3
 Tuck your bed linen sets inside one of their own pillowcases and there will be no more hunting through piles for a match. Brilliant!
 Storing shoes inside of a shower cap during travel to protect your clothes from any of the dirt you might have picked up.
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How to tie a tie, bowtie, and cravat/ascot.

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How to make an effective trap for stink bugs with materials you have in your home.

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How to make home made "shrinky dinks" with plastic that you would normally throw away →

Great for making plastic charms for jewlery, or tags to clip on bags, or anything else you can think of.  Make sure to open a window, though.  The plastic may produce a little fume.

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How to fold a T-shirt in 2 seconds.

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Vintage 101 - How to Take Your Measurements (por smendozadaly)

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How to Install a Basic Zipper
It’s amazing how many times something so simple can seem so daunting


How to Install a Basic Zipper

It’s amazing how many times something so simple can seem so daunting


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This has to be the most interesting DIY I’ve encountered yet.

Romance Pants

Romance Pants are a pair of pants that dims the room lighting and raises the stereo in relation to the fly zipper being pulled down. Of course it does not stop there. The romantic coup de grace involves electronically ignited candles triggered by the unbuttoning of the waist button. This subtle sensual assault is sure to shock and awe any prospective partner into ecstatic submission. As the evening progresses, this smarty-pants technology will undoubtedly to set the mood to the appropriate level of ‘getting it on.’ Romance pants are definitely where the future lay.

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